Dorcas joined Atlas back in November 2021 as a HR & Recruitment Administrator.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your position.

I work in HR and my position is seen as a shop window for HR operation queries. My favourite go-to restaurant is Nando’s and my favourite Nando’s source is medium.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I was nearly scouted for the England netball team in year 6 at a netball tournament in Rutland.

What was your first-ever job?

Retail Sales Assistant.

What’s the best advice you’d give a younger version of yourself?

Take your time.

What is your top-tier snack?

Kinder snacks.

What are you most looking forward to in your career?

Moving into a more analytical role i.e. data analyst or HR data analyst.

Who has been your biggest influence and why?

Our HR director – Sarah. It’s just amazing how she juggles everything she’s a superwoman – in the team, we call her Superbrock.

If you could live in any country, where would you choose?

Not sure which country yet, but it would have to be a hot country, simply because I love the sun and tropical food.

What are your goals for 2023?

To get back into exercising.

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