Meet David, one of our Cluster Operations Managers. Starting as a Guest Service Assistant, David HAS worked his way up the career ladder. He has been a part of the Atlas family for almost 20 years. Time sure flies when having fun right?!

Which hotel or team do you work in? How long have you been with Atlas?

I’m the COM for the North West and Birmingham. I have been with Atlas for almost 20 years.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I broke both wrists playing badminton – it’s a dangerous sport!

What was your first-ever job?

Newspaper boy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

There’s never a right or wrong decision, there’s just a decision.

What is your top-tier snack?

Mr Kippling French Fancies.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about working for Atlas and why?

The people I work with. They make the job fun!

Who has been your biggest influence?

My Parents – they’ve always said we have to work for what we want.

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