Say hello to Izaskun, the recent member to join the Marketing team! It was only natural we got her involved so read more about Iza below…

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Izaskun and I am the Marketing and reputation coordinator in Atlas. I am originally Spanish and moved to the UK a bit over 3 years ago to go to university. I graduated and a few months later I had the opportunity to join this amazing team.

What attracted you to Atlas Hotels?

This is my first job. I did an unpaid internship in my last year of uni but it was nothing like this. So I wasn’t really sure about what I was looking for till I came to the interview. As soon as I entered the room I felt relaxed and very comfortable (something weird considering how nervous I usually get before an interview). You could tell straight away the interviewers were like a family and that even though they had different roles they all were passionate about the company they worked for. They were all literally smiling nonstop for 2 hours, talking about the company and how good the company and the people that work here are. They made me want this role over anything. They made me feel like this was my place.

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

I felt so welcomed from the beginning. Everyone has been so nice and friendly. I haven’t felt insecure about being the new person or not having the necessary skills because I know there is a big number of people ready to help with any issue I might have. They’ve made me feel like a valuable member of the team from my first day.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

I’ve completed my first month here so I am still getting to know how everything works but I am excited about getting involved in more things little by little. Learning more every day and getting out of my comfort zone with challenging tasks. Contributing positively to my team and the company and getting more responsibilities as time goes by. Building a meaningful relationship with my colleagues and making them feel like they can trust me with anything.

Which one of the Atlas values means the most to you and why? (Be Guest Focused, Work Together, Show Commitment, Strive for Quality)

Work together. I strongly believe that a good successful company is the result of collaboration between individuals with very different skills. Besides, I like the idea of working with people from very different backgrounds and learning from them.

Which of our hotels are you most looking forward to visiting?

I’ve been wanting to visit Scotland for a while so I would say, Edinburgh Leith.

What’s one motto that you live by and why?

To be honest I change my life motto quite often but if I had to choose one… “I can and I will watch me” because I am a person that likes challenges. I set difficult objectives but when I want something I always go for it and achieve it no matter what.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I don’t have a driving license but I have a license to drive boats and a boat in Spain.